Book Lovers’ Papercraft Course Opens New Chapter on Mental Health

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Boo York City’s editor, Boo Paterson, is launching a new papercraft course for book lovers – allowing users to take a vacation from life, restore mental health and find their creative mojo.

Book Holiday is a 15-day e-course that allows users to immerse themselves in the joy of books and related arts and crafts, with a view to improving overall wellbeing.

​Author Paterson – whose second papercraft title First Art Kit is to be released by Simon & Schuster in May – said that she came up with the idea for Book Holiday as she tried to deal with her own mental health issues.

She explained: “I was super-stressed, and a friend told me to take a week off and do nothing but read books. I loved that idea of taking a vacation from life to be creative with books and so Book Holiday was born.”

A journalist, illustrator and book sculptor, Paterson has exhibited her fine art at the prestigious Royal Scottish Academy and been shortlisted in the World Illustration Awards twice.

She has expanded Book Holiday beyond merely encouraging users to read and provides the opportunity to use books as springboards for craft, illustration and word-play as a form of ‘Creative Care’. This includes:

  • Giving yourself permission to indulge in creativity
  • Build and use your own Creative Care Plan 
  • Experience a sense of mastery from your achievements
  • Reach an absorbing ‘flow state’, where you don’t notice time passing
  • Learn to incorporate Book Holiday skills into your daily life
  • Build a creative toolkit to allow you to de-dress anywhere, any time, when your finish the course. 

Throughout Book Holiday, there are also book-related articles, reading lists, advice and tips from experts, spoken-word, dressing-up… and even food and drink.

Paterson – who divides her time between New York and Scotland – is also an instructor at New York’s Center for Book Arts, teaching book sculpture papercraft. She added: “Book Holiday, like the best kind of break, allows you to unwind and de-stress, but also to try something new, inspire, and make you smile.”

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