Second time lucky for Paterson at World Illustration Awards

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Papercutting artist, Boo Paterson, has been shortlisted for the second time at the World Illustration Awards.

Her haunting work, Travel By Life Raft, is one of three pastiches of the Tom Purvis LNER posters of the 1930s. But while Purvis’s pictures featured bright young things frolicking at the seaside, Paterson’s show the same scenes with refugees fighting for their lives.

Travel By Life Raft has been shortlisted in the WIA

In Travel By Life Raft, children are shown picking through life jackets, whilst Aylan Kurdi’s lifeless body lies in the foreground. Purvis’s original picture showed children building a sandcastle.

Paterson said: “Refugees are still drowning in the Mediterranean every day as they try to reach the safety of Europe, but it’s no longer news. I wanted to make the point that if these people were fair-skinned and Western it would never be out of the headlines.

Don’t Visit Britain is the first of the Tom Purvis pastiches

“I chose to subvert Purvis’s work as it is so iconic in its representation of the British seaside, featuring white people only. I also wanted to explore people’s reactions to seeing a jolly, colorful poster with a morbid message and imagery.”

Paterson – whose other images in the series are Don’t Visit Britain, and Lose Your Children – was first shortlisted in the World Illustration Awards in 2016 for her haunting representation of refugees drowning in barbed wire.

Lose Your Children is the final work in the series

She said: “It’s such a terrific honor to be shortlisted in the World Illustration Awards even once, never mind twice. It makes me want to keep doing political work and raise my game with each new artwork.”

The shortlisted entry in the World Illustration Awards 2016

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