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Mark Mann, photographer, Broadway

“I live for the pace, the speed that things can and do happen – I find it thrilling. Nowhere I’ve been has the pace of New York. People say New Yorkers are rude but they’re not – it’s just the pace.

“I was on the 6 train this morning and there’s no room and I’m thinking ‘I can’t believe I got in’…then four people get on after me and we’re crushed together like lovers. It’s just the way it is in New York. Theres quite a lot of human contact here – I like that about the city. I think it has a lot of humanity.”

Favourite restaurants: “Lil’ Frankies on 1st and 1st; it does a great brick oven pizza. I like Café Gitane (pictured above) on Mott St, too – it’s a cool little Frenchie hangout place.”

Lil' Frankies in the East Village

PIZZA PLACE … Lil’ Frankies in the East Village

Favourite bar: “The bar I love is the secret bar, Angel’s Share,  but I’m not telling you any more about it. You’ll just have to find it. Have a Manhattan.”

COCKTAIL HOUR... grab a Manhattan at Angel's Share

COCKTAIL HOUR… grab a Manhattan at hidden New York gem, Angel’s Share – though you’ll have to find it first

Favourite place: “As far as places go, it’s tourist hell, but I love being at the top of the Empire State Building, it just gives you a real sense of where you are and it’s awe-inspiring.”

PINNACLE... the Empire State Building

PINNACLE… the Empire State Building is an awe-inspiring way to see New York

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